The Unicoo sofa sets new standards in seating – yours! Create your dream sofa from an almost endless range of possibilities. Our team of experts is happy to help.

Design by Mother Nature.

100% nature, 0% compromise. We work exclusively with premium leather up to 3.5 mm thick. Choose from 19 varieties and an almost entire spectrum of colours.

Make your sofa
a reality.

Choose from 3 base elements (1, 2, or 3 seater), 6 seat frames (55 / 67/ 74 / 82 / 92 / 100) as well as 3 seat heights (43 / 46 / 49) and depths (51 / 56 / 65). Complete it with a range of intermediary elements such as a chaise longue, or ottoman and optional footrest.

Be selective.

Armrests make the look. Choose from different widths from delicate to robust (8 - 32 cm), fixed or foldable rests as well as different types of stitching and quilting. The feet can be selected at floor level, or flush with the sofa body or armrest.