Whether for a little nap in-between or a large garden party: Our Daybed Naps is a real quick-change artist.

Lounge-like small place in three sizes.

Enjoy the great Outdoors in sizes S (110 x 110 cm), M (160 x 110 cm) or L (200 x 110 cm). With one support triangle (S) or two (M. L).

Comfort taken one corner further.

The multi-function corner module serves to connect two or more Naps to an L-shaped Lounge unit. And, with precision-fitting accessories, becomes an elegant storage surface, stool or table.

Comfortable Team:
Naps Duo

Two Naps are combined with a corner module and the result is the comfortable L-Lounge - and without any assembly at all being required. The changeable backrest triangles with underside, slip-resistant Grip surface, can be adapted with a maximum degree of flexibility to match any desired seating and lounging position.

All-round flexibility:
Naps Trio

Combining three Naps and two corner modules results in a comfortable Outdoor living environment. Thanks to its flexible support triangles with their Grip surface, the U-Lounge can also be adapted to fit any body size and seating or relaxing position desired. All modules can also be used independently of each other.

Daybed versions
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