Our idea of manufacturing is when you think with your heart and see with your hands. Our employees are passionate experts in their fields, whether in upholstery, stitching or leather carving. All produced in Paderborn – nothing else could be more certified "Made in Germany".


Picasso once said: "I do not seek. I find." Our outlook is very similar and allows us to be inspired by our customers' desires. From our thinking, new solutions continually arise, making for the highest level of comfort and the idea of a new seating experience.


Our Hall of Fame is in Paderborn, where development and production work side by side, with ideas being sketched, discussions taking place, prototypes being created, dummies being built and rigorously tested. Only then can the smallest and largest masterpieces bear our name


The idea of a manufactory is our driving force. In our production process, each specialist worker has his own work space. From stitching and leather cutting to upholstery, your furniture is made by hand, with meticulousness, precision and passion.


The highest level of quality is our chief concern. And transparency for each stage of work is our top priority. No item of furniture leaves us without having been personally approved by our production manager.


IKONO stands for timeless aesthetics, paired with comfort, craftsmanship and high-quality materials. We are proud that our furniture goes through the entire value chain from the design and development process to production and quality control in the in-house manufactory.
We stand for guaranteed Made in Germany.

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