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Lounge Line

The modular lounge systems by IKONO finds a home wherever hospitality comes first. They can keep up with the demand placed on intelligent and comfortable seating areas, which, depending on how the individual modules are placed, provide for relaxing or hospitable solutions.

Gastro Line

Unlimited freedom.
Thanks to our proven connection system, you can redesign your restaurant as often as you like at any time depending on the spatial requirements. With the Liberty restaurant series, fixed installations on the walls or as room dividers are a thing of the past and costs for dismantling are no longer necessary.

Bar stools

In the contract sector bar stool Perch turns out to be a day and night owls. At the bar or counter, the seating stands ready for drinks. The upholstered shell in the seat and back area, and the unusually large seat for long-term comfort are complemented by the filigree frame.


Elegance in the restaurant or as the basis for an expressive conference room.


Every single IKONO armchair is an aesthetic oasis.

In the contract sector, Chubby is particularly suitable for the foyer and lounge area or in an expressive conference room. The design and the finishing provide optimal seating comfort for short breaks or confidential conversations among business partners.

Planning support

Our planning team consists of product designers and interior designers. They develop concepts together with you, create visualizations as a basis for decision-making and work hand in hand with your architects and planners.

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