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Gastro Line
Gastro Line
Gastro Line
Gastro Line

IKONO Gastro Line

A successful evening begins in a high-quality setting, with a meal tasting that much more delicious when you are comfortably seated. Our new restaurant series will turn you into the perfect host.

Endless freedom

Thanks to our proven connection system, you can redesign your restaurant as often as you like at any time depending on the spatial requirements. With the Liberty restaurant series, fixed installations on the walls or as room dividers are a thing of the past and costs for dismantling are no longer necessary.


All fabrics in the Gastro Line are resistant to ultraviolet rays and also water- and dirt-repellent. The lotus blossom effect lets liquids of all kinds roll off when they come in contact with the fabrics.

The entire Gastro Line is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Variety of colours.
Choose from over 200 colour options, patterns and uni-coloured designs as well as from a variety of knit fabrics – from coarse to finely woven.

With our branding options, all IKONO furniture can fit with the individual corporate design of any company.

Further information

You can find more information under Downloads in our brochure IKONO Liberty Indoor - Outdoor Collection 2020.