Customised seating that meets the latest trends? Classity combines modern seating with maximum flexibility.


For Classity, we exclusively use premium leather up to 3.5 mm in thickness. Choose from 19 varieties and a wide colour palette. Particularly fine examples are supple leathers with a reserved glow and remarkable softness.

Modern and modular.

Create your dream sofa with 3 base elements: 1 seater, 2 seater or chaise longue. Choose from 3 seating frames and different back cushions. Supplement it with our intermediate element, which can be used as a tray, side table or more seating.

Sofas created to your request.

When it comes to armrests and feet, you’ll also have plenty to choose from with this fine sofa system. Choose between fixed or folding armrests as well as wooden or metal feet.